About Us

The very specific mission of the SGTS means that our membership has never been large, and while there has always been a very strong Scottish representation, our members are scattered throughout the world, e.g. in Ireland, Canada, USA, Australia, and Finland.

The responsibility for running the SGTS falls on our office-bearers and Executive Council. Past office-bearers have included some of the most eminent Gaelic scholars of their day, such as Prof. W. J. Watson, Prof. Angus Matheson, Dr John Lorne Campbell and Prof. Derick Thomson.

Current Office-Bearers

  • Honorary President: Professor Colm J. Ó Baoill
  • President: Dr Anja Gunderloch
  • Vice-President: Professor William Gillies
  • Supervisory Editor: Dr Sìm Innes
  • Secretary and Treasurer: Mr David Currie

Members of Executive Council

  • Dr Michel Byrne, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Ulrike Hogg, National Library of Scotland
  • Dr Will Lamb, University of Edinburgh
  • Mr Iain MacDonald, Glasgow
  • Prof. Wilson McLeod, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Proinsias Ó Drisceoil, Kilkenny
  • Dr Peadar Ó Muircheartaigh, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Domhnall Uilleam Stiùbhart, University of the Highlands and Islands
  • Dr Moray Watson, University of Aberdeen
  • Mr Mark Wringe, University of the Highlands and Islands